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Rewarding You Travel 2022 [East Shore Park + Tsang Tai Uk Food Tour]

In order to promote the local consumption and economy, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) launched the "Rewarding You Travel 2022" plan. Citizens can sign up for free local tours as long as they keep a spending receipt of $800 or more within a specified period. Under the first batch of local tour group services, there are a total of four groups, including the service period on 15/11, 24/11, 1/12 and 6/12. The journey includes a visit to the East shore Park theme area which is located in Fortress Hill. Lunch refreshment has been arranged at the BP International Hotel for a buffet session. Tsang Tai Uk visit has been arranged at the afternoon session in Sha Tin to appreciate one of the best-preserved Hakka walled villages in Hong Kong, which is full of cultural characteristics.

The response of this tour group was enthusiastic, and the number of enrollments was full. We provide tour bus service to pick-up tourists. Professional local guides will introduce the tourist attractions throughout the process which bring an enjoyable and comfortable environment to the participants. King’s Limousine Company Limited is also looking forward to the next wave of tour group services which provides diversified activities and services.



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