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Safety Policy

For airport transportation, sightseeing, tours and more,

we’re the safest bus and limousine charter company around


Driver safety


King’s Limousine makes your safety and comfort our top priority. We will provide you the cleanest and most comfortable buses, limousines, sedans and taxis operated by friendly drivers who are delighted to make your trip relaxing and enjoyable. We consider customer safety the most important and a very serious responsibility.




Each company has mechanics that make sure their vehicles are in perfect shape before they leave their garage. We also have to inspect and maintain all vehicles once every 6 months by our service center.

Each vehicles is cleaned daily to make sure our passengers have the best ride possible.



Our driver


Our drivers are required to complete extensive driver training courses and are subject to random drug and alcohol testing and periodic safety reviews with KPI system.




Safety is one of the most important concern that has to considered in providing public transportation, limousine service and car hiring all over the world. King’s Limousine is licensed under the relevant requirements in Hong Kong where all operators must be run with appropriate permits and insurance coverage. Nevertheless, all passengers are advised, of course, to take additional travel insurance coverage for their healthcare and hospitalisation.

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