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Updates on cross-border limousine transfers between Hong Kong and Macau 有關香港及澳門跨境豪華轎車接送服務的更新

Updates on cross-border limousine transfers between Hong Kong and Macau. 有關香港及澳門跨境豪華轎車接送服務的更新。

At present updated, Hong Kong and Macau cross-border limousine service, our company can provide limited limousine service to customers who need to travel between Hong Kong and Macau. 目前香港及澳門跨境豪華轎車接送服務,本公司可提供有限制的豪華轎車服務,給予有需要來往香港及澳門之間的客戶。

The detailed service and requirements are as below : 詳細的服務內容及要求如下:

- Passengers must have a negative report of the coronavirus test within 24 hours before entering Macau or Hong Kong. - 乘客必須持有入境澳門前24小時之內的新型冠狀病毒檢測任性報告。

- Passengers must hold relevant approval documents from the Macau Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) . We are responsible for assisting passengers to apply for and obtain this approval. There is no additional charge. - 乘客必須持有澳門旅遊危機辦公室的相關批文,這份批文由我們負責協助乘客申請及取得,不另收費。

- According to the requirements of the two governments, passengers need to book a hotel at their own expense for 14-day quarantine and hold the relevant hotel occupancy certificate. - 根據兩地政府要求,乘客需要自費預訂酒店進行14天隔離檢疫,並持有相關的酒店入住證明。

The one-way charge for Hong Kong and Macau cross-border services per sedan is HK$30,000. 每台轎車香港澳門跨境服務之單程收費為港幣三萬元正。

If you have any inquiries about related services, please contact me directly. 如你對相關服務有任何查詢,請直接聯絡本人。

TEL : 2711 3298 / dc@kingslimo.com

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