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Tiffany & Co. Blue Book 2024

Updated: Jun 12

TIFFANY & CO. hosted the Tiffany & Co. Blue Book 2024 event on the evening of June 6th. They unveiled their new luxury jewelry collection, BLUE BOOK 2024, featuring the latest addition called TIFFANY CÉLESTE. This collection aims to reinterpret and explore Jean Schlumberger's classic interpretations of celestial bodies, the vast galaxy, and fantastical realms. It is comprised of six distinct chapters: WINGS, ARROW, CONSTELLATION, ICONIC STAR, RAY OF LIGHT, and APOLLO, each offering a unique and classic interpretation of the expansive universe.

For this event, KINGS provided VIP transportation services. We prepared 20 seven-seater vehicles to shuttle the VIP guests between specific locations and the venue, ensuring their journey was comfortable and convenient.


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